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Online News Pilot was born out of the need to bring to the general populace events and happenings around the globe.

In a clime where information is power, with the need to avail oneself with issues, events and news, the website offers an opportunity for readers to be abreast of happenings around them with Breaking News Reportage, Editorials, Opinion Articles and the likes.

Our slogan which reads “News as they come” indicates that we bring to your screens news items as they come. Our avowed mission statement is in refined news reportage, in-depth analysis from our team of columnists and news reporters.


Arakunrin Ayoola Faseyi also known as Ayoola Gem Fash in other circles is an activist, writer, and humanist. Ayoola is the founder of “The Gem Foundation” the parent platform that birthed “The Singles For Wedlock Matchmaking Service (SFW), Political Panorama and now Online News Pilot.

As a matchmaker, Ayoola is committed to his vision of helping ready and capable singles meet their other halves and help build marriages. The Singles For Wedlock Matchmaking Service (SFW) which he leads has produced a minimum of 7 weddings with more wedlock testimonies in the offing.

Ayoola Gem Fash is a lover of books with writing known as his most obvious hobby, He is also a content curator with an established presence in online blogs and lifestyle website.


Finding love can be debilitating and can involve a lot of time and emotional investment. It becomes worse when you have little time to interact and network, owing to the nature of your job and other allied matters.

It is on the aegis of this brand of constraints that the initiative of Singles For Wedlock was birthed, mastered, and is currently connecting lovers to their better halves, all day, every day.

The Singles For Wedlock is a dream occasioned by the perceived unacceptable populace of single people here and around who have been conditioned by their various schedules to a drab work-home-place of worship triangle, with little or no time for the socialites and little diversions that are necessary to create the ambiance and platforms on which romance and its attendant needs would thrive.

A brainchild of its founder and chief executive of The Gem Foundation, Ayoola Faseyi, it prides itself in the abilities of seasoned matchmakers, of course led by the founder, there is a promise of a sophisticated and result oriented matchmaking system that hands you not just the match, but the perfect fit for your peculiarities and needs. It is the responsibility and duty of the matchmakers to marry your tastes, life perspectives, values, and ideals with that of your date in order to avoid mismatches and compatibility problems which could spell trouble in the future.

The icing on the cake and the singling difference of what we bring to the table is the add-on of constant checks and follow ups which come on the heels of the perfect date being arranged and union consummated. There is also the perk of constant moral and psychological support being given per time to oil the wheels of love and make for a happy home hereafter.

To be a part of the platform, kindly send an email message to